Get a Financial Essential, We’ll Give a Life Essential with the Magnifi Financial 3 Essentials Program

For over 80 years, Magnifi Financial has passionately given back to the communities we serve. We’ve extended the 3 Essentials program, which we proudly adopted following our 2022 Financial One merger. Supporting our core value of building up our shared communities, we recently donated 35,400 pounds of food, 98 nights of shelter, and 940 clothing items to community partners across Minnesota. This brings the total donations to 867,292 pounds of food, 2,357 nights of shelter, and 3,087 clothing items since the program’s inception in 2016!


Our 3 Essentials promise is 3-fold:

  • We provide 100 pounds of food to a local food shelf when you purchase a new auto loan
  • We provide 1 night of housing to someone in need when you finance a new purchase or refinanced home loan
  • We provide 1 item of clothing to someone in need when you open a new personal checking account


By working with Magnifi Financial to get a financial essential (checking account, auto loan, and/or home loan) you’ll also give a life essential, making a lasting impact for those in need.


See our list of our 3 Essentials partners: