Magnifi Financial's 3 Essentials 2023 Donation Recap

At Magnifi Financial, we are deeply committed to the values that strengthen our communities and provide simple and accessible financial solutions. This year alone, we have made a significant impact by donating 147,300 pounds of food, 565 nights of shelter, and 4,199 clothing items to our community partners in Minnesota through our 3 Essentials program. As a result, our total donations since the program's inception in 2016 have reached a remarkable 979,392 pounds of food, 2,824 nights of shelter, and 6,266 clothing items!

Our 3 Essentials program is a social giving program that supports three primary needs that are essential to everyone’s well-being: food, housing, and clothing. People who choose to bank with Magnifi Financial can help fuel this program and make an impact in their communities.

Our 3 Essentials promise is 3-fold:

  • We provide 100 pounds of food to a local food shelf when you purchase a new auto loan
  • We provide 1 night of housing to someone in need when you finance a new purchase or refinanced home loan
  • We provide 1 item of clothing to someone in need when you open a new personal checking account

We are thankful our members continue to choose Magnifi for their financial needs. By providing simple and easy financial solutions, Magnifi can continue to be part of the solution.

Minnesota has seen a significant increase in food shelf visits, with over 7 million projected this year, up by 2.5 million from last year. This rise in visits is accompanied by a concerning increase in homelessness and food insecurity in our communities. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please visit,, or our esteemed partners listed below, who are dedicated to providing support and resources to those in need.

See our list of our 3 Essentials partners: