Magnifi Financial donates over 1 million pounds of food through 3 Essentials program

Our 3 Essentials program is a social giving program that addresses the essentials of life: food, housing, and clothing.

Magnifi Financial has achieved a monumental milestone by donating over 1,010,692 pounds of food, 2,878 nights of shelter, and 7,148 items of clothing to local non-profit organizations throughout Minnesota since 2016 through our 3 Essentials program.


By partnering with Magnifi Financial, you play a vital role in powering our 3 Essentials program. Get an essential financial account or loan, and we’ll give a life essential back to local communities.

  • We donate 100 pounds of food to a local food shelf when you purchase a new auto loan
  • We donate 1 night of housing to someone in need when you finance a new purchase or refinanced home loan
  • We donate 1 item of clothing to someone in need when you open a new personal checking account

This program has significantly alleviated hunger, homelessness, and clothing insecurity among individuals and families in need through strategic partnerships and unwavering dedication. But there is still more work to be done.

More than 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means more of our neighbors face food insecurity.  In 2023, Minnesota food shelves saw 7.5 million visits—2 million more than the record-setting 5 million visits they saw in 2022. In Minnesota alone, 1 in 15 people face hunger—roughly 390,000 people, 120,650 of whom are children. Hunger is a growing issue in our state, and Magnifi Financial is dedicated to being part of the solution. 

“The impact of these contributions extends far beyond mere statistics, touching the lives of countless individuals who rely on the generosity of community-driven initiatives. By providing essential resources such as food, shelter, and clothing, Magnifi Financial meets immediate needs and empowers individuals to build brighter futures for themselves and their families.”

Ross Bloomquist, Chief Experience Officer, Magnifi Financial

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please visit,, or our dedicated partners listed below, who are dedicated to providing support and resources to those in need.

See our list of our 3 Essentials partners:

Food insecurity facts are provided by Feeding America, Hunger Solutions, and Second Harvest Heartland.